Our Team

Simon Stait - Director
Simon boasts multiple trade backgrounds as a Diesel Mechanic, Electrician and Business owner. His wealth of experience has seen his expertise employed across Regional Australia, Colombia and other South American Countries.
His passion for innovation and sustainability has contributed to the fields of Solar Power, Aquaponics and LCD Window Coatings. 
Simon is a true visionary with a no-nonsense attitude, a wealth of experience in many fields and an individual with a firm moral compass.
Andrew Kitt - Director
Andrew has owned and operated business for the last 18 years. He is an entrepreneur with knowledge across a range of industries from glass and glazing to media and technology. Although based in Sydney, his services have been sought-after all over Australia and around the world. Andrew brings a sense of passion and excitement to the team that motivates and inspires.
Ally Coe - Director
Ally is a well-respected leader in the community. He has been the General Manager of Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation since 2012 which has established and facilitated programs to benefit his local community. Ally is outstanding at building and maintaining relationships. His focus on outcomes that benefit all parties are a welcome addition to any meeting. Ally is a humorous and capable individual who is always willing to help out, in any capacity that he can.
Noel Kitt - Chief Financial Officer
As a Certified Practicing Accountant with experience in organizations both large and small, Noel's industry and financial knowledge are second to none. Experience in Large corporations such as AMP, right down to small family-owned businesses has given him a broad understanding of business and their individual requirements. Noel is quietly conservative and capable. He offers an informed and unique perspective to the organization and is well respected by his colleagues. 
Bob Cooke - Key Accounts/Sales Manager
Bob has owned and operated multiple business over the years. He has experience in both online and multinational organizations that has given him an edge when it comes to knowing what a customer requires and exactly how to deliver. His leadership experience in organizations such as Simplot makes him a valuable asset to the organization. Bob is a thoughtful and measured individual who is always willing to go 'above and beyond' to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.
James Stanton-Cooke - Conservation Partner
James is a passionate and dedicated individual who has dedicated his life to conserving the natural environment. His organization 'Half Cut' has been raising awareness around deforestation and conservation since the 2010. James has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy back rainforests all over the world. He has partnered with many renowned conservation organizations and is actively recruiting large organizations to go '100% renewable'. James is an inspirational person and his drive and enthusiasm always encourages.
Wolfgang Maturana - Media and Marketing
Wolfgang has a wide range of experience in digital media including design and production, photography and video. His creative flair and passion for perfection shine through in all his work. Wolfgang is a dedicated individual who always encourages his colleagues to be the best version of themselves. His commitment and dedication are an asset to our organization.  
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