For businesses, experts say checking for fever should be just one part of an overall strategy to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Another crucial step is to limit personal interaction.

Dr. Tista Ghosh - Epidemiologist

Our customers love the idea of these cameras! Our business has seen an increase in revenue and we feel great knowing that we are taking steps to keep people safe.

Shirley Arrow

My colleagues and I agree that since installing these systems, we feel better about coming to work.

Edward Stanton-Cooke

As we are all aware, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating effect on both the well-being of people, as well as the global economy.
While some essential services continue to trade, we have seen many changes to the way business conduct their day-to-day operations. From social distancing to increased sanitation practices, everyone is being affected.
Now we see some cautious optimism of restrictions easing, increased social gatherings and businesses reopening. This is a good sign, but we need to remain vigilant to try and minimize infection as we return to work.
This is why Temp Check Systems Ltd. are introducing our Personnel Temperature Measuring Device to help business monitor both
employees and customers for any sign of fever or increased body temperature.
We see this particular device as an added step that can be taken by businesses and organizations as a part of their return to work policies or as an added safeguard to businesses that are still operating at this time.
With the projected duration of the crisis still an unknown, we believe that the need for monitoring of peoples health will continue for a substantial period of time in the future and, even with social distancing measures, more can be done to ensure the good health of staff and the general public alike.
The system is designed as a 'Plug and Play' system that can be easily incorporated into normal day-to-day operations for staff or customers with the possibility of integration into existing business systems, as a part of the daily sign-in process.

Our system will scan the skin temperature of the individual and, within seconds, provide a reading of normal or elevated body temperature to alert the organization and individual that they may be sick. Steps can then be taken to ensure that the risk is minimized.
The system also has an optional facial-recognition component that can be used to store staff on file.

We see these devices as a 'first line of defence' for every organization to help reduce the long-term impacts of the COVID virus.

Who Are We? - Company Overview

Temp Check Systems Australia is a newly formed joint venture between Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation, GST Management Services and Temp Check Systems Pty. Ltd.

Our various organizations have worked closely with each other in the past to support Aboriginal communities, provide employment opportunities and foster and develop cultural and community values throughout Australia.

In response to the current COVID pandemic, the company has been formed to provide digital thermal image testing technology to businesses, organizations and communities.

We are a diverse organization focused on sustainability, community, culture and tradition. 

The Partners: 

Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation:  The Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC) aims to create a better quality of life for the people of the Wiradjuri Condobolin community. To establish a sustainable, smarter community and a knowledge economy, through the business activities and the programs emanating from the Wiradjuri Study Centre (WSC). WCC has promoted and fostered employment opportunities in Central NSW for over 15 years. 

GST Management Services: Is an accounting firm with over 30 years experience in accounting and financial services. Their industry knowledge has served some of the country’s largest corporations, including AMP, Cartridge World, ESSO and many Aboriginal corporations around Australia. 

Temp Check Systems: A Family-owned business established by Bathurst Locals – Andrew Kitt and Simon Stait. Their occupational backgrounds involve both Electrical Services and Specialized Security Services to companies all over Australia including Australia’s Parliament House.  

Dedicated Charity Organization:

Half-Cut: A fundraising group with the aim to save our planet. Half Cut raises awareness and funds to protect existing forests and replant trees. Halfcut is handing back large areas of forest to the traditional owners. 

A percentage of all profits are donated to help plant trees, secure rainforest and contribute to minimizing deforestation in Australia and Around the World.

Together, we identified a critical need to provide services that can assist with the COVID pandemic that the world is facing. 

With our broad range of experience and expertise, we are capable of delivering products and services wherever they are needed.

Our Partners

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